Social WiFi Marketing: Our Approach

In the last 20 years, no marketing attention has been paid to onsite interactions. Because 30% of your active foot traffic will use your WiFi without any marketing incentive, this connection represents a huge commodity advantage. Social Wi-Fi Marketing is the strategy of capturing data from social networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) upon a connection to your public hotspot in order to understand who your anonymous Wi-Fi users are.

Gain insight and visibility into who your customers are

Leverage social network data for free in order to create customer profiles filled with valuable attributes

Achieve 1-to-1 communication with all your customers

Target particular segments at a time, and, eventually, personalize content for one customer at a time

A higher return on your marketing investment

Our automated platform will adapt your campaign to different segments and increase your campaign performances

Enjoy an easy to use dashboard to track your progress

Use it to identify the most efficient marketing strategies and tools for your business. Observe campaign progress through the 3 campaign types

Collect valuable information for your website personalization

To have a personalized and efficient site, it is necessary to first collect key information about your customers, especially in stores

They chose us

Revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers Give them what they want with 1-to-1 marketing

Deliver Efficient and Simple Service with Presence Marketing

Customers expect that you will treat them as individuals. We have the tool to do just that.

Once the consumer arrives, there is often no follow-up interaction until after a transaction, if any, is done. Presence marketing allows you to leverage the personal attributes of the people visiting your business so you can market to them better. Our platform provides key data, allows you to leverage your network, build customer intelligence, automate campaigns, and see all the results (automated and in real-time) in order to know what is working best at all times. This will result in simple and efficient 1-to-1 communication that is naturally built over time. By segmenting your audience instead of shooting in the dark, you’ll see a higher return on your investment.

How we do it?

First, we transform an anonymous device into a person with a social profile. Next, we tailor your marketing campaigns based on the attributes in every social profile, including data collected from social networks, customer experience feedback, surveys, contests, newsletters, and SMS messages. We analyze your data and create segments based on active foot traffic. We work to target those smaller segments, and, eventually, communicate 1-to-1 - all through a public hotspot.

What we can do for you

We consider your short term goals while preparing you for the long term. Our solutions are based on tools that will help with Operations, Sales, and Customer Experience. Your marketing advisors and tools should create a memorable experience while delivering efficient and simple service.

It’s important to know that every minute not spent capturing customer insights is money lost and data not being leveraged. If you aren’t collecting data, your competitor has a major advantage. Data drives our actions - it’s a raw material.