Eye-In Media’s "Eye-InSpire" suite of Digital Signage applications enables you to improve shoppers’ experiences by triggering a coveted emotion that will lead them to your call to action, transforming them into buyers.

Today’s consumers expect novelty and enjoyment. Customers have to be “wowed” and impressed both before and after they enter your store. This requires capturing their attention and informing them quickly and efficiently, while entertaining and inspiring them to want to try and buy. If you miss that window of opportunity, you may leave them feeling that their choices were limited and they may not purchase, or worse yet, buy something that may not satisfy them.

To encourage repeat business and cross-selling, customers need to feel assured and be delighted about what they are buying or have purchased. As such, Eye-InSpire enables you to have in each of your stores a consistent and well trained virtual sales person. In this new reality, Digital Signage goes far beyond being simply screens that broadcast promotions.

Also, in today’s retail environment, having a consistent sales team is very difficult; it’s a challenge to ensure that the knowledge of your products and services stays accurate when the training is done by one person to another. Eye-InSpire leverages your marketing media infrastructure to train your staff during off hours, introducing them to new products, promotions, communicating HR messages, new policies and procedures.

By repeating the messages on your stores’ screens, you increase the chances that your corporate messages are captivated and understood.

Eye-InSpire - Digital Signage Applications

Here is What You Can do With Eye-InSpire

  • Put idle waiting time to use by informing shoppers of your complementary products, accessories, online shopping services, gift cards, gift ideas, novel mix/match item combinations and other cross-selling opportunities.
  • Ensure that when no sales representative is available a virtual salesperson is there to welcome, inform and promote.
  • Sell when your establishment is closed by enabling your window to showcase your merchandising and allowing shoppers to buy on the spot with their smart phones.
  • Dress your display window dynamically the way you want at any time based on: current weather conditions, time of day, inventory stock levels, supplier promotions and other criteria.
  • Modernize the overall look of your establishment while also allowing shoppers to experience your products with screens that are positioned in traditional horizontal fashion, in vertical “portrait” mode, as well as multi-screen video walls.
Digital Signage Solutions

In summary, Eye-In Média’s «Eye-InSpire» suite of digital signage applications empowers you with state of the art technologies and communication tools allowing you to increase your customer base and loyalty, increase top line sales, differentiate your brand, increase the knowledge of your staff and shoppers, and prepare the path for the future way shoppers will purchase.