Discover Eye-Inspire and the Storyboard suite of applications

At Eye-In Media, digital signage goes far beyond transferring your communications from print to screens. We transform your digital screens into strategic marketing tools in order to increase your revenues and improve the customer experience. Using our content creation and management software, adapt your messages based on your audience in real time, your inventory, the weather, etc. Our competitors connect equipment, we connect you to your customers! 

Eye-Inspire will answer all your needs!

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Create Different Types of Content Based on Your Needs

  Digital Menu boards

Transform idle waiting times into attractions! Customize your dynamic menus to improve the customer experience and raise your average sale per client. 

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  Video walls

Entertain and attract new clients! Use your video walls to broadcast live or pre-recorded TV content (sports events, movies, etc.). 

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  Corporate and retail communications

Achieve more efficient communication with your employees and visitors, while saving on costs related to print communications (paper, posters, etc.).

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Split your screen, schedule, preview and share your playlists
Playlists and Inventory

Split your screens, schedule, preview and share your playlists.
Eye-Inspire is a cloud-based solution, which allows you to manage your digital signage no matter where you are.

Content Library

Manage and review your content directly from your dashboard. Create your own content schedule and decide when and where you want your content to appear.

Content Creation Software Built into Eye-Inspire

Create dynamic HTML5 content on Eye-In Storyboard, our fully integrated content creation platforms. With two versions available, choose the one that meets your needs. 

Here is the best part: while both software seem completely different, they share the same core! This means that you can start editing your files with one software, and continue with the other. Your graphic designers can now create your content using a powerful tool while your communication department can edit the text and change the images in an easy-to-use interface.

Eye-In Storyboard Lite

With Eye-In Storyboard Lite, creating dynamic content has never been easier. 

Eye-In Storyboard Pro

Storyboard's Pro version is the perfect tool to create more advanced content.

"Eye-In Media is a long time partner of McDonald's Restaurants in Quebec, our relationship is one of trust, creativity and Brand building"

Fred Cassir
McDonald’s Frenchisee

Mc Donald's Digital Signage Videowall Public WiFi

An Efficient Solution for All Industries

   Quick Service Restaurants

Create dynamic and captivating menus to increase your sales.

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Reduce perceived wait time by providing interesting health-related information to a captive audience.

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Attract and impress your customers.

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Educate and inform students with key information.

   Municipalities / Arenas

Capture your citizens' attention with key messages.