Who We Are

Eye-In Media Where Vision Becomes Reality

Eye-In Media is a Montreal-based marketing and technology firm that specializes in the development and deployment of Digital Signage and WiFi Solutions. Founded in 2003, we make it our business to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

Our founders have a thirty-five years of combined experience in roles that have spanned Silicon Valley and big six companies across North America.

We leverage our experience to offer you world-class marketing and technology solutions. We have created an integrated suite of software applications that enables marketers and communications managers to communicate efficiently like never before.

With Eye-Intelligence, we bring all your data together and get the insights you need to make faster and smarter decisions.

Because our customers' success is our #1 priority. We continue to work with first-rate companies as well as household names, who trust us to design, execute, and maintain their brand.

Eye-In Media has been constantly investing in R&D to provide proprietary innovative solutions for marketing and communications managers. We are recognized in the industry and by our clients, not simply as a service provider, but also as a business partner that is always present and active ensuring the continuity and growth of our relationships as well.

Our team at Eye-In Media is composed of ambitious, passionate and engaging individuals, who are always looking for new talents to join our team.

Our competitors connect equipment. We connect you to your customers

What We Do

Work with our customers to Leverage Technology Enablement to:

• Build your database with efficient dependable information.

• Deliver personalized customer service on any device.

• Boost customer interactions to their full potential by using state of the art media like Digital Signage, Social WiFi Marketing, Business Chat Solutions, Wireless Applications, and much more.

• Improve shoppers' experiences by triggering a coveted emotion that will lead them to your call to action, transforming shoppers into buyers.

• Create the most memorable in-store experience and to empower you with the state of the art content, look and feel to attract, retain and cross-sell.

We know how to exploit the new media to their full potential:

• Our strength is that regardless of the technology, we know what it takes to use and implement it.

• We have the methodology to adapt, conceptualise and deploy your vision.

• We strive at finding solutions to complex issues; we become subject matter experts ensuring continuity and growth of our relationships.

How We Do It

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, requirements and environment.

We are always looking to improve our clients' top-line sales, margins and customer loyalty by leveraging technology enablement, and by simplifying workflow and procedures.

We offer turnkey solutions, such that we are responsible for the solution from A to Z : the equipment, software, deployment, logistics, installation, training, content creation, support and connectivity.

We are always looking to refine our solutions and to identify the next milestone, ensuring continuous improvement in our clients' industry while applying Customer Relationship Management principles.

We are known as being serious, executing on time and for providing excellent service.

Our work is always executed with attention to detail and a job well done.

All necessary measures are taken in regard to implementation and monitoring of our systems. Our mandate is supported by ensuring that we exceed our clients' desires and expectations.

GDPR Compliant

Transparency is key to us and we work hard to make all data collected easily accessible to their owners. This is why all our omnicanal marketing solutions comply with the new GDPR requirements.

Our many years of experience in personal data collection ensure that all your client’s data is collected, stored, used and deleted following the GDPR principles.

Contrary to popular belief, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that took effect on May 25th 2018, impacts companies in and outside of the European Union.

Any company susceptible of collecting personal data from EU residents must comply with GDPR, which has already been recognized as one of the strictest policies in data protection history.

The fines for non-compliance can amount to 30 million dollars or 4% of the company’s annual gross revenue.