provide the best on site customer experience

Digital Signage

Menuboards, Videowalls, Entertainment TV, Corporate Signage

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Quick Service Restaurants, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Banks, Shopping Malls, Retailers

Smart Wi-Fi

Guest access, Social Wi-Fi, Onboard Wi-Fi, Customer Journey, Geolocation

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Shopping Malls, Retailers, Municipalities, Transportation

Proximity Marketing

Increase your In Store Sales, Build Customer Profiles, Increase Customer Experience, Offer 1-to-1 Communication, AI for Marketing

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Shopping Malls, Retailers, Schools and Universities, Banks

"Thank you Eye-In Media for 8 years of outstanding service."

Sébastien BOUDRIAS
Information and Telecommunications Director, Transdev Canada

Transdev Digital Signage Videowall Public WiFi

Our competitors connect equipment. We connect you to your customers!



WiFi CRM System for Guest access,
social WiFi and much more


Content Management System
for Digital Signage.

Eye-In Storyboard Pro

Advanced HTML5 Creation Tool
for digital signage.

Eye-In Storyboard Lite

Creating HTML5 Dynamic Content
has never been easier.

Increase your onsite sales with a unique platform, and turn your brick and mortar establishment into an “amazon-like”physical location