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European Union, that’s pretty far from Canada, so you should not be affected by this new law, right? Wrong! Any company susceptible of collecting data from an EU resident/citizen has to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. 

Do you have tourists visiting your store? Are exchange or international students using one of your online services? Do you have website visitors from European countries? If that’s the case, you should continue reading as you fall right into the group of companies affected by the GDPR law. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has created quite the uproar these last couple of days for companies in and outside of UE. And for a good reason: it seems to be the strictest privacy regulation in the world. If a complaint is filed and a company is proven not compliant, they can face GDPR fines representing 4% of their annual global revenue or 30 millions dollars, whichever is higher. Data Protection Authorities (DPA) can even go as far as instruct to stop all business activities. Also, let’s not forget how such a lawsuit can impact your company’s reputation and notoriety

Although, this data security bill passed two years ago, most companies are not yet prepared for GDPR implementation adequately. And believe me, they should have! Since May 25th 2018, any personal data collected from users has to be backed with clear consent and transparent explanation on how this information will be used. This law will require companies to allow users to:

  • Access and modify their personal data
  • Know how they are used
  • Decide on the processing of this data
  • Refuse certain uses
  • Unsubscribe from marketing material (right to forget).

At any given time, companies must be able to provide proof that the data is controlled, secured, used and managed fairly with the consent of the owner. This also applies to your cookies policy.

The question now is how ready is your company and do you even know the steps to take in order to avoid any lawsuits. Eye in Media has foreseen this new regulation and all our omnichannel marketing tools are compliant to make sure you are fully protected.

We have the ability to permanently remove any names from our databases upon user’s request and keep logs of all proof of consent you have received. 

Don’t leave any room for uncertainty and contact us to be compliant now.