Eye-Intelligence Guest Access and Social Wi-Fi Dashboard

Discover a Real Omnichannel CRM for Proximity Marketing

Completing a successful digital transformation requires more than just social media campaigns and online advertising. You need to gain insight on who your customers are. In an era that values customer experience and digital transformation, we want to change the way marketers create and analyze their campaigns to achieve 1-to-1 communications. That's why we built the Universal Marketing eXperience (UMX). Most solutions on the market function based on one channel at a time, creating tons of data that eventually needs to be consolidated. We offer one platform that acts as a gateway to all of your insights and manages all your client interactions!

The only marketing toolbox you will need for your digital transformation
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Our Solution includes

Guest Access

Login authentication with a customized welcome page

Social Wi-Fi

Leverage Facebook and other social media data to push promotions


Understand foot traffic, visitors, frequency of visits and dwelling time


Create and manage your marketing campaigns

Customer Service

Offer immediate access to your customer service via chat, SMS, phone

Digital Signage

Drive your digital signage based on the audience in real time

Customer Journey

What are your customers doing when they are in your store? How much time are they spending and where? Where are your busiest and most valuable highest locations?. Contact-us for more information

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Eye-Intelligence Guest Access and Social Wi-Fi Customer Journey Wi-Fi Geolocation
Eye-Intelligence Guest Access and Social Wi-Fi Speed Insight Instant Smart Report
Social WiFi Marketing: Our Approach

Deliver Efficient and Simple Service with Presence Marketing. Leverage the personal attributes of the clients visiting your business so you can market to them better. Customers expect that you will treat them as individuals. We have the tool to do just that.

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Onboard Wi-Fi solution

For over 10 years now, we have been a reliable business partner when it comes to Wi-Fi solutions in transports, whether for schools, recreational, urban, interurban, charter or adapted transport. Using the Eye-Intelligence dashboard, manage all your network connections in real time and track your buses' geolocation. 

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Eye-Intelligence Guest Access and Social Wi-Fi Real Time Geolocation Bus GPS
Eye-Intelligence Guest Access and Social Wi-Fi Website Tracker and Report
Powerful Proxy system

Our solution comes with a powerful proxy. Prevent your users from visiting unauthorized websites (it filters both http and https content). You can also track which websites they are browsing (they may be searching online for a better price).

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Our Specialties


For just a small fee per passenger ride, you will enhance your customers' tour bus experience.

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Social Wi-Fi

We bring onsite interactions and social media data together for a cohesive marketing experience. Perfect for retailers!

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Guest Access

Offer a secure and GDPR compliant Wi-Fi network to your guests while protecting yourself with terms and condition of use.

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"King Charters has been using Eye-in Media for over a year. We are so happy with the service we would not consider another company"

King Charters
King Charters Digital Signage Videowall Public WiFi