WiFi CRM & Location Based Marketing


WiFi and Digital Signage for "Brick-and-Mortar Establishments"

With the skyrocketing proliferation of Smartphones, Tablets, iPods and laptop computers, the WiFi becomes a new communication channel with your customers. Leverage these interactions to increase customer loyalty, share of wallet and create cross-selling opportunities between your brands or banners.

20% of users sign in with a social media account.

Create 1-to-1 Relationships with your WiFi HotSpot users by:

  • Conducting on-line surveys and contests
  • Offering online coupons or promotions
  • Capturing needs and preference data on your customers
  • Gathering feedback from customers and employees
  • Activating loyalty cards online in Real-time

Social WiFi and Location-based marketing Solutions:

  • Gather information using social network authentication.
  • Link individual user’s unique Identifier to their equipment’s MAC address
  • Recognize Repeat Visitors as well their Dates, Time and Duration Online
  • Identify the specific devices particular users are using to connect
  • Determine the number of Unique Users and Total User Connections per Period (Day, Week, Month, Year) as well as view comparison graphs and charts

... And tailor CRM permission based marketing strategies accordingly.

“Revolutionary Feature” for Entertaining, Informing and Advertising to your WiFi HotSpot audience

Our unique integration of our Digital Signage applications with our WiFi offerings allows you to create or select an existing Digital Signage or Menuboard playlist to act as dynamic welcome pages. When visitors connect to your WiFi network, there is a forced redirection of initial home page, bookmark, or address bar requests to your custom Captive Gateway.

Users will then be shown any Playlist (Dynamic Content, Slides, Videos, HTML5 Animation, etc.) that you desire as if they were viewing it on Display Screens. This allows you to promote or communicate through this touch point in a way that static portals or login pages cannot match.

70% of users answer the survey within the first WiFi login.
WiFi and Digital Signage for Shopping Mall
Our Services

What are you going to do when a customer comes up to you and says they can't get online? How do you know if the problem is your connection, the equipment, or the customer?

We provide Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting of the wireless network as well as a toll-free support line, so that businesses can continue to focus on their core business.

Our online monitoring of the HotSpot equipment alerts us when there is a problem and pinpoints where the problem is allowing us to be proactive.

  • We can remotely upgrade the equipment’s firmware and settings.
  • We work directly with your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot outages.
  • We provide on-site maintenance (if the problem can't be solved remotely), as well as reparation and replacement of defective or non-functional equipment.

We also provide a toll-free support line for you and your customers to call if experiencing difficulties.

We assist users in connecting to WiFi and in configuring their device to access the wireless network.

We Provide Internet Usage and Traffic Monitoring

  • URL Tracking (Identify most popular sites visited by customers).
  • Content Filtering by Category (Block users from viewing sites containing pornographic content, violence, etc.).
  • Speed management to ensure balanced experience across users of a shared fixed bandwidth Internet connection.