Advanced analytics and learning system (BI) from visitors

Using a set of hardware and software tools, We turn your real estate into live network that attracts visitors to login, view advertisement and campaigns, and encourage them to action according to their unique, individual needs.

20% of users sign in with a social media account.

Targeted 1 to 1 communication (based on their habits, preferences and interest)

Proactive engagements drive up to 40% of revenue and can increase online sales by 30% or more*.

Turn your mall into an "Amazon like physical location"

With Eye-Intelligence, we bring all your data together and get the insights you need to make faster and smarter decisions.

Communicate directly with your customers while they are on or off property

No matter where they are, they can contact you.

Our competitors connect equipment. We connect you to your customers!


We install and configure everything for you.


Analyze data to improve your Conversion Rate.


Customize your login page to communicate with your customers.

"Thank you Eye-In Media for 8 years of oustanding service."

Sébastien BOUDRIAS

CIO and Telecommunications Transdev Canada

"Eye-In Media is a long time partner of McDonald's Restaurants in Quebec, our relationship is one of trust, creativity and Brand building."

Fred Cassir

Franchisee McDonald's

Case Studies

At what Level of Digital Signage are you?

Did you ever wonder what would digital signage do for your business? Well, it depends on how you are going to use this technology! Here are three levels of digital signage users and why you want to be on the third level, the level where screens are used as a strategic interactive marketing tool...

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