Menu Boards

Are you filling the gap between the time your customers enter your location and place their orders? Have you ever glanced at a menu board, and within seconds assessed the menu along with new items and specials and thought: "Wow, I know exactly what to order"?

Eye-In Media's Eye-InSpire suite of digital signage applications enables you to do so while improving your customers' experience and increase average ticket sale.

You spend a lot of time and money creating new products and promotions, can a static image do these efforts justice?

I know exactly what to order"

Cho Express Digital Menuboard


Hopital Shriners

Shriners Hospital Digital Menuboard


TCBY Digital Menuboard

Thai Express

Thai Express Digital Menuboard

Marche Avril

Marche Avril Digital Menuboard

Customers have to be “wowed” and be impressed when they order. They are expecting two major emotions: satisfying their appetite and cravings; and feeling good from being empowered with a pleasant experience. This fact is valid both in high-end places and in quick service restaurants.

Today’s consumers expect novelty and enjoyment. You have to capture their attention while you can. If you miss that small window of opportunity, you may leave them feeling that their choices are limited and they may order something that may not satisfy them.

To encourage repeat business and cross-selling, customers need to feel good about what they are ordering before they place their order. This requires capturing your customers’ attention, quickly informing your customers with the information you want them to know, while entertaining them at the same time.

Digital Signage Menu Boards

In lieu of this reality, imagine being able to:

  • Have the absolute freedom to manage and control your posters remotely as if you were in each store, pushing sales and engaging with the customer.
  • Reduce perceived waiting time.
  • Alternate between multiple images and videos, intermixing trivia, news headlines, sports scores, local weather forecast, and community involvement all on the same screens.
  • Entertain while promoting.
  • Control all your current traditional paper marketing collateral with a click.
  • Have accurate and just in time promotions across all locations.
  • Adapt your menu, the way you want to dynamically, at any time based on: time of day, regional demographics, corporate wide promotions, inventory stock levels, current weather conditions and other criteria.

By replacing static Point of Purchase (POP) Displays and menu boards with dynamic electronic menu boards and romance boards, you can achieve all of the above and more. In just a couple of clicks, you can instantly change or schedule sporadic changes to your products, prices, messages and layouts. These can be centralized or decentralized to the extent that your banner controls your branding and franchising policies.

We offer 5 types of services tailored to your industry:

  • Digital Menuboards: Dynamically change prices.
  • Dining Room TV: Entertain while promoting your own products, not those of your competitors.
  • Video walls: Replace posters and frames with dynamic, interactive and eco-friendly screens.
  • Crew Room TV: Entertain, train and communicate with your employees at the same time.
  • WiFi Networks: Engage your customers on another level using their laptop, cellphone or tablet for additional interactions.