Eye-InSpire and Healthcare

For over the last 10 years over 100 healthcare institutions have been using our Eye-InSpire content management applications to create, manage and schedule content on digital screens. Eye-InSpire enabled those institutions to significantly reduce their printing costs and removed all manual processes required by the traditional billboards. By using our solution, you are significantly increasing the chance that your messages are read and understood.

Our Eye-InSpire content management applications have been developed with specific features designed to answer the special needs of communication departments in the health care industry. Eye-In Media continuously invests in the development of features and solutions that make you save time, reduce costs and encourage the collaboration between the communication department and all the departments it supports.


Technical Features of our Content Management Software


The Internet connection used is accredited by the Technocentre régional and meets all the requirements on information technology security for the Centres intégrés universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS) and the Réseau intégré de télécommunication multimédia (RITM).


The hardware supplied is compatible with the equipment used by the CIUSSS’s. All devices are installed and configured by our technicians in accordance with the standards of your Information Technologies department.


  • Commercial LCD screens
  • 3 year warranty (Samsung, NEC, LG)
  • Screen protectors included, which help preserve the screens from damage and facilitates their maintenance.
  • Set up and cabling is done by our technicians under the supervision of your IT department.


The Internet updates and downloads are performed in accordance with your IT department’s recommendations and by following a schedule that does not interfere with the bandwidth used by your institution for the essential services it provides.

Autonomy and ease of use

Our software is user friendly and enables each CIUSSS to be fully autonomous in managing, scheduling, creating and broadcasting content.


You can access our content management software from any workstation or computer via the Internet.

File formats

Our software supports many types of multimedia files (Flash, Video, Jpeg and more).

Content sharing between the CIUSSS’s

We offer a powerful networking tool that enables you to easily share content with other healthcare institutions and within your own departments.


A selection of templates is readily available that can be adapted to your own communication objectives.

Content library

You can save and manage content according to your own classification criteria.


Our online ad design module enables you to create your own professional looking visuals by inserting background images, logos, pictures and more.

Target audience and location

Your content can be broadcasted inside hospitals, emergency rooms, CIUSSS’s, clinics, staff rooms, youth centres and nursing homes.

Content schedule

With our software, you can schedule how and when your content will be displayed. You can display content from multiple sources on a single screen or broadcast the same content on many screens at the same time.

Content add-ons

We provide templates that you can populate for quizzes, questions & answers, “Did You Know…?”, as well as feeds for weather forecast, news headlines, etc.

Technical support and equipment maintenance

The computers, Internet connection and content downloads are monitored remotely. We follow up with the equipment suppliers if a computer or a screen is defective. We follow up with your IT department in case of technical issues (Internet, cabling, power failure, network updates). (Included in the monthly fees)

Software maintenance

We offer updates to the content management software. In addition, variable content is updated throughout the day (Date/time, weather forecast, news headlines, etc.). (Included in the monthly fees)

Technical support for end-users

We provide unlimited technical support for users during opening hours via a toll-free number. (Included in the monthly fees)


We provide on-site training with a technical expert.