Why Malls Need Smart Wi-Fi

Posted in WiFi CRM on Jul 18, 2018

The digital transformation has drastically changed the expectations of the modern consumer. It used to be enough to just go to the mall, walk around, browse your favourite stores, and leave. But now, smart Wi-Fi and AI have shown us that the mall experience can be totally reinvented for the better. 

According to Accenture, over half of customers will provide personal information about themselves if it means they will receive a more personalized offer or discount from a brand. The same study shows that real-time promotions pushed while the customer is in the store see a 57% success rate. And, unsurprisingly, 45% of millennial shoppers are “comfortable with the idea of a personal shopper who can pull items according to the customer’s style, fit, or wardrobe.” 

That personal shopper sometimes takes the form of Amazon’s algorithm for suggested products when you shop online, but it doesn’t have to end there. Having knowledgeable sales associates is one of the crucial steps that need to be taken toward achieving a better shopping experience. Integrating technology into the process doesn’t mean humans are out of a job -- it simply means our jobs are made easier. Technology gets used to help us get to know each other in a way that’s good for both businesses and customer experiences. 

If merchandisers can gage, in real-time, what kind of tastes and preferences their shoppers have, they can work with those accurate results to improve their customer service and offerings, whether they’re working on how to style the mannequins in the front displays, or figuring out what kind of promotions to offer. 

Don’t you like it when Google Maps pops up on your phone while you’re sitting in traffic and tells you about a faster way to get home? Imagine the mall could do the same thing by letting you know in advance which parking lots are full and which stores currently have the longest lineups. Wi-Fi can do all of this if used in the right way.

Perhaps without even realizing it, we’ve come to expect much more of our mall visits. While personalized offers through Wi-Fi used to be a welcome novelty, they’ve come to be expected, meaning we need to constantly work to make them better. 

Malls are large, and can get overwhelming, especially during peak times of the year. No one likes feeling insignificant in a crowd -- smart Wi-Fi and AI can be used to ensure that every shopper in a given mall can be individually served and accurately understood, no matter how many people are around. 

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