At what Level of Digital Signage are you?

Posted in Digital Signage on May 31, 2018

Did you ever wonder what would digital signage do for your business? Well, it depends on how you are going to use this technology! Here are three levels of digital signage users and why you want to be on the third level, the level where screens are used as a strategic interactive marketing tool.

1st level – Following the Trend

You want to dress your walls with the latest trend? You install screens running a power point or a corporate video from a USB key? Buying screens without precise objectives is an investment that could lead to regret. Digital signage is a tool that can be useful within different strategies and using it without any communication or marketing purposes could be either useless or even hurt your brand.

2nd level – Using Digital Signage as if it is Print Communications

You’re a trend follower that does a bit more. Instead of printing your promotion, you want to put them on screens. The thing is, you don’t want to show your print communications on screen without adjusting them to the screen medium. It’s like investing in a technology and not benefit from all the opportunities and possibilities it offers!

3rd type – Using Digital Signage with Marketing Strategy

You’re using digital signage with strategy. That’s where you want to be! If you want to enter the world of smart digital signage, you must do it with reflection. There are a lot of variables to consider and that demands an expertise of this medium. You need to analyse the capacity of the room where the screens are going to be, the range between the intended audience and the screens, it’s positioning, the brightness of the room, the position of the content, etc. Digital signage is an art. When used with strategy, digital signage can become an interactive marketing tool with whom it’s possible to create a growing relationship with your target audience, lift your sales and boost your brand; in a way that print cannot aspire to do.

Digital Signage, a Different Medium

Communications agencies are used to work with web, print, television… Which are all different from digital signage. Interactive marketing companies, like Eye-In Media, are defining the standards of what communication with screens should be.

It is pointless to diffuse messages that are designed to bring costumer inside when they are already in! Instead, digital signage can help you do cross sells, increase customer satisfaction or strengthen your relationship with them by integrating social media. It can also support your brand strategy since it enables you to tell a story with videos, images and texts.

Social media integration to your digital signage can help you build a relationship with your audience.

A digital assistant seller to palliate a high turnover rate

Since Baby boomers are leaving for retirement and generation y ̶ which is known to change jobs more than its elder ̶ is entering job market, employer are facing a high turnover rate. In those circumstances, it’s a challenge to keep a team formed. Digital signage can be used to mitigate the problem. Your screens can become a smart assistant seller that positions the right elements at the right place and at the right moment so you can do cross sells.

Within this digital menu, the quality of the coffee beans and the Iced Mocha are highlighted.

A tool to communicate with your employee

Digital signage can also be used to inform your team members who are already overwhelmed by information. Since we were young, we have been train to look at the screens. They get our attention. Using digital signage at the right place and time enables you to communication within seconds the essential information an organisation wants to reinforce.

In conclusion, digital signage is a medium of its own. It can be useful within all strategies and is limits are those of creativity. It is even more powerful when used with a public WiFi network. Stay tuned!