There’s a magical new “push” button at Eye-In Media

Posted in WiFi CRM on Jul 03, 2017

Thanks to our flawless integration with Meraki, a cloud-managed IT company that was acquired by Cisco in 2012, we can now deliver a new way for your Wi-Fi infrastructure to communicate with all of your departments more precisely, rapidly, and smoothly than ever before. 


Instead of a different information dashboard for each field, this fusion creates a universal dashboard that meets the needs of IT, analytics, and marketing together - taking each one to a new level under one single view. All parties speak the same language and share common terms, the look and feel of the dashboard, as well as its ease of use. This way, all departments share the same world and understand each other. Now, with this advanced integration, all of your departments can be up and running and ready to go within five minutes of unboxing your access point. From the moment your Wi-Fi infrastructure is set up, there is no need for your marketers, IT staff, and analysts to wait. And what’s better? We’re unique in bringing this to the market. 

Likewise, Meraki’s acquisition has been great for Cisco, whose “cloud networking business in Meraki grew at year-over-year rate of 100%, with an annualized revenue run rate of $400 million.” Meraki itself has branched out significantly since being bought, with its client base growing from 15,000 to 120,000


Our integration with Meraki’s cloud is a seamless way to accommodate both IT and marketing, meaning communication is facilitated between the two worlds on one platform. We’re literally on the same page, and we all understand the data-collection process. In a way, marketing becomes more technical, and IT orients itself toward marketing - we benefit from the knowledge of both sides. Marketing and IT departments, while conscious of the same information, are autonomous - clusters of information and miscommunications are eliminated. If marketers can infiltrate the IT world and make sense of it, Eye-Intelligence becomes a critical common tool for businesspeople, marketers, and those in tech development and numeric technology alike. 


As the backbone of the digital marketing era, Wi-Fi infrastructure must be understood by all surrounding teams and departments so that it can run efficiently and smoothly. Upon a collective access point and knowledge of the data, everyone can equally strategize and meet their objectives (hint: this is a good thing). Eye-In Media’s integration with the Meraki cloud proves how fundamental a strong Wi-Fi infrastructure is for communication channels. Do you have the tools to uncover your audience? With our improved dashboard, your whole team can quickly, efficiently, and strategically implement and leverage data - all without a hitch. 

This way, customers are no longer hiding in your data. Yeah, we think that sounds great too.