Retailers are you ready to be detectives?

Posted in Business tips, Technology on Jun 10, 2020

Contact tracing, identifying new cases and mitigating their contacts with others is the key to successful reopening. A failure to set up effective contact tracing raises the risk of spikes and therefore of closures of businesses for a second time.

Between 95% to 99% of COVID-19 infections are indoors. Businesses across all industries can be called by Heath officials to inform them of possible exposure on a specific day and even time frame.

If you get that phone call, will you be able to contact the concerned customers or you will have to do a public announcement to everyone ?

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  • Do you have a log of visits per day per hour for shoppers and employees?
  • Do you have a communication plan to communicate with shoppers in case of COVID-19 exposure?
  • Are you going to reach them by phone, emails, SMS, blogs, social media, web site, newspapers, radio?
  • How will this affect your business?
  • How will you reassure shoppers and employees?
  • Do you have to close temporarily because you cannot identify who should be contacted?

A Contact tracing plan is not only a government initiative it should be part of your social purpose. Every business must address and have answers to the questions identified above. Closing was hard, reopening is even harder.

Businesses with a clear, automated and transparent contact tracing plan will gain shoppers trust and loyalty. To survive, strive and to be proactive, it is important to not just follow the trends but also lead them. You would be surprised to see how many shoppers are in favour of a voluntary contact tracing plan. Ask your customers and employees!

Contact tracing does not have to be perfect to work just be prepared and lead the way !

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