Hospital WiFi: An Opportunity for 1-to-1 Communications

Posted in WiFi CRM on Jun 01, 2018

Patients and healthcare employees need WiFi too, don’t they? We understand their needs just as well as those of any other industry. Where a WiFi connection in a quick-service restaurant or a department store serves a particular function, a hospital WiFi operates differently.

Getting lost while scrolling through your Facebook feed is bad for time management - we all know this. But sometimes, especially if you’re a hospital patient, time management is the last thing on your mind, and all you want is to be distracted. The same goes for doctors or nurses taking a well-deserved break in the cafeteria. An internet connection offers an escape from the blandness of a medical environment and its stressors. 

At the MUHC, free WiFi doesn’t come so easily. Here’s the login page:


This free hospital WiFi asks for a username and password in order to connect, but offers no information on how to actually obtain or create said username and password. After wandering around and asking several employees who had no idea, we finally found one who did.  So we connected and ended up on this landing page:


Why not be user-friendly? Why miss out on such a perfect opportunity to communicate? 

In a hospital, WiFi is more than just a free commodity. Hospitals can use landing pages to promote their own online content, which is expensive to maintain but hardly looked at. Hospitals spend so much on their websites - the next logical step would be to promote this valuable content on a landing page. As a hospital, why wouldn’t you want to develop 1-to-1 connections with patients? After all, they come to you in need. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know them a little better, especially since they’re so many. A miniscule “success” on an otherwise blank landing page may offer a WiFi connection, but it doesn’t do much to connect the patient to the hospital, and does even less to collect donations for the hospital foundation. If a landing page were to be a prompt to donate to the hospital, knowledge of the charity would disseminate easily and lead to a potential increase in donations. 

Branding your hospital wouldn’t hurt anyone. With WiFi, you can set yourself apart by pushing hospital services and key information. 

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