Perhaps the Greatest Marketing Scheme of All: Your Birthday (Or Is It?)

Posted in Social Media on May 25, 2018

The biggest problem marketers have is finding a way to reach their entire audience. What could possibly unite every random consumer who walks by a billboard, or scrolls through their social media feeds? Well, everyone has a birthday. Whether you celebrate it all month or don’t like anyone to know about it, you have one. You know it, and Facebook knows it, too. You can clearly see where I’m going with this: creating a Facebook ad that reaches out to everyone is pretty easy when every account has a birthday attached to it.  

Startup company Startup Drugz has taken advantage of this fact to personalize their Facebook ads. Evidently, it worked wonders, because it got them a 2700% ROI. 

However, like with all good things, there’s an inevitable fault that presents itself once you take a closer look. Successful web-based ads are usually only successful because they target people who are already your customers. 

At Eye-In Media, we don’t shoot in the dark when it comes to pushing ads. With the right data analysis, we promote to people we know are likely to appreciate our clients based on their interests. For instance: based on Nathalie’s Facebook profile and survey responses, we know she is a vegetarian. So what do we do when advertising McDonald’s? We push a salad, not a Big Mac.

Yes, we all have a birthday. But our software takes personalization even further with the possibility to create and push 1-to-1 ads. Our rich analytics can feed both your e-commerce and your brick and mortars. This is thanks to the fact that we can gain visibility of your consumer base before the point of sale. In our opinion, gaining data from someone who didn’t buy is almost more valuable than that of someone who did - in investigating why no purchase was made, chances are you can make improvements you didn’t even know you needed. 

At the end of the day, all the data collected from in-store and online traffic helps you boost presence on all your platforms. Since we can detect customer presence, we can give you specific attributes of your customers, and these rich analytics feed your ecommerce and let you promote on site before the point of sale. We bring you the beauty of accurate consumer segments. This way, every dollar you invest has a concrete focus. Now that you know your customers’ birthdays and have a sense of their preferences, you can give them what they actually want as a present.

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