Free WiFi for Customers: More Than an Internet Connection

Posted in WiFi CRM on May 25, 2018

What’s fun to use, gathers infinite information, and is environmentally-conscious? Your Wi-Fi connection!


Most evidently, free WiFi for customers is a public commodity. Whatever brick and mortar establishment you have, that wireless connection is a must. Although Wi-Fi has gone further than being a commodity - it’s usually expected, and its absence is noticed. According to Small Business Trends, 62% of surveyed businesses realized their customers spend more time in their locations with the free WiFi, and half of them even spend more money.


Beyond being a convenience, Wi-Fi functions as a platform where data can be gathered and leveraged. This channel is the backbone of infinite communications between storage clouds, which are then analyzed and made sense of. A Wi-Fi infrastructure lets us know just enough to be able to make claims about usage patterns and trends, which is valuable information for the businesses who host a connection. But the data does more than that - it can work to enhance the customer experience by storing their preferences, making for a tailored experience every time the customer visits that location and connects. Eye-In Media’s social Wi-Fi solution, in a nutshell, does just that.  


Wi-Fi connections, or a lack thereof, can be used to detect how many people are in a certain space. A high number of detections, say in a bathroom or food court, can improve service on the operational level, in that the large count can be used to determine when restrooms and eating areas should be cleaned. On the flip side with less detections, building automated systems (BAS) can dim the lighting, lower air conditioning, and pause water fountains - all actions that save energy and reduce power bills. If your brick and mortar establishment chooses to use Wi-Fi for a BAS method to save energy, you would be able to capitalize on the marketing value of sustainability. Advertising energy smart or “green” buildings is a great way to reach millennials, who are firm in their choice to buy from brands who share their sustainable preference and are socially responsible. Building automated systems that are made to save energy using Wi-Fi are just the thing millennials would be attracted to - using digital media to a sustainable end. 

The value of Wi-Fi infrastructure multiplies itself. Thanks to building automated systems, Wi-Fi can be used to save energy. We already know it’s used as a commodity for the public that gathers and leverages data, but this third use is twofold: it breathes convenience and sustainability. Eye-In Media understands and implements these three levels, and we have experience in doing so. As if you needed another reason to love Wi-Fi.