Eye-In Media: Making the Online Ads Personal

Posted in Business tips, WiFi CRM on Jul 04, 2018

We don’t hate online campaigns. We just think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Online ads have become so prevalent in our experiences that we either don’t notice them anymore, or disregard them completely. The internet is so saturated with advertisements that they tend to backfire most of the time, meaning ad agencies waste a ton of money on ads that don’t see a real response because we’re tired of seeing them.

Eye-In Media is interested in how new technology can bring value to online campaigns. While we’re big proponents of improving the onsite experience, we don’t deny that sometimes you need to online shop. We’re saying that the same techniques we employ onsite can be used online in order to make online shopping better.

For instance, with data collected in real-time from a customer in your store, you can launch an online campaign based on physical location.

We’re looking to bring together the onsite and online worlds. We want the transition between them to be as organic as possible. We don’t want to replace online advertising, and we’re not saying it shouldn’t exist. But it does need to change. 

We think there’s a difference between ads that you see because of cookies and ads that you see because you’ve checked into an event in your favourite store. Cookies are impersonal. Even though websites tend to make you aware that they’re using cookies, the ads you’ll see as a result are purely algorithmic in nature. 

At Eye-In, we want to personalize your web experience, and not just with different banner ads. With our web dynamic yield, the websites you visit are individualized based on your own known preferences and previous activity. In other words, the content you’ll see online will be influenced by what you bought in-store.