Eye-In integration with Cisco CMX and Meraki

Posted in WiFi CRM on Mar 07, 2018

In February 2017, Eye-In Media in partnership with Bell and Cisco demonstrated our Universal Marketing Experience (UMX) platform on Cisco’s WiFi infrastructure installed at Bell’s Montreal based Solution Centre. UMX is a unified platform that includes the integration of Eye-Intelligence omnichannel CRM solution with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX), platform leveraging its location-based services.

About Eye-Intelligence

The Eye-Intelligence cloud based suite of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) applications brings to brick-and-mortar establishments the methodology and technology of 1-to-1 marketing that has been enormously successful in influencing online purchases. By individually recognizing each connection, Eye-Intelligence provides you with an instantaneous two-way 1to1 communication channel. You can tailor promotions, loyalty programs, and contests to different segments of users, or help them discover sales, events, restaurants, or promotions.

To entice shoppers who are unaware that connecting to your WiFi has benefits beyond just internet connectivity, you can promote on large format display screens incentives to connect. In addition, you can automatically trigger on-screen content based on specific targeted profiles that are detected as being in proximity to digital signage screens, allowing you to further customize the shopper’s in-store experience.

Real time interactions

Floor managers can also interact in real time with people through digital signage and WiFi.

Personalize your Interactions and Marketing Campaigns

Customer segmentation allows you to specify criteria for categorizing your customers into target groups that share similar characteristics. Eye-Intelligence removes all the guesswork by updating segments dynamically. The first time a customer self-identifies on your network, their profile will automatically update the appropriate target segment, and as profiles change over time so does their membership in the various segments you define.

By extracting the profile of your audience in real time, customized content can be shown on visitors’ mobile devices according to their membership in specific target segments.

Instant Insight

UMX offers unprecedented marketing capabilities and analytic tools that enable retailers to respond in real-time to the shopping habits, return frequency and unique profiles of each shopper in their establishment. It is the missing link between e-commerce sites and your customers’ in-store experiences. It brings all your data together and provides detailed insights and a 360 degree view of shoppers at your physical site just like Google Analytics does for your E-commerce site. It works seamlessly with both Meraki cloud-managed Access Points and traditional Cisco WLC/AP installations.

Leveraging localisation with CMX Hyperlocation

The casino program includes additional services for VIPs.

Communicate with your users directly

Immediate access to your user profiles, with immediate communication.

The addition of Hyperlocation modules with and without virtual or physical beacons adds additional location detection precision which allows salespeople or floor managers to get real-time notifications with detailed profile information when shoppers enter their venue. As such we turn establishments into an Amazon-like physical location where you can tailor your offers and approach to each customer when they enter your establishment, and not simply when paying.

If you are looking to fully take advantage of your Cisco Meraki or traditional infrastructure, and want to see unprecedented marketing campaign conversion rates, Eye-In Media’s UMX is the platform for you. Contact us below.