5 Ways To Optimize Your Ecommerce Email Marketing

Posted in WiFi CRM on May 25, 2018

We’ve all signed up to email newsletters from our favourite stores. However, not everyone gets it right. Oftentimes, tiny details are enough for a customer to give up on joining a mailing list, such as a lack of clarity in instructions or broken confirmation links. While these may seem like small inconveniences, they’re enough to discourage people from signing up to your newsletter. And no one wants that - especially not ecommerce businesses. To avoid these mishaps, here are five ways to streamline and optimize your ecommerce email marketing subscriptions.

  1. Consider the email sign up form 

While it may not seem like much, your initial sign up form is the first impression that your mailing list makes on your customer. Make it count! When creating your form, consider the information you want from every member. Would you like their full name as well, or just their email address? One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it depends entirely on your business and your goals. It’s also a good idea to provide some sort of incentive for email sign ups, such as a discount code or other limited edition offer. 

  1. Polish the “almost there” page

For the sake of convenience, your “almost there” page should be a page on your website, rather than a third party pop up. This page should also include an image of your brand to make for a more personalized and wholesome experience. In some instances, you can also add a 5-minute timer to the process, which pushes customers to check their confirmation email right away and finish their sign up. 

  1. Streamline the confirmation email

Your confirmation email should be clear, branded, and offer a simple call to action: click here to confirm. Here, it’s important not to be aggressive in your language. Don’t label the email as urgent. A streamlined confirmation process goes a lot further than you think. If there are any obstacles on the way to confirming, chances are your customer will give up all together. 

  1. Same goes for the “thank you” page

The “Thank You” page is just as important. The design of this page depends on what your business goals are. For instance, if you offered a discount code for signing up, that may come up here. Or you can simply redirect to your website. However, if you do choose to redirect the customer to your online store, personalize that page. Welcome them.

  1. Avoid unsubscriptions 

The worst part of subscribing to newsletters is ending up with too many too often. No one likes a clogged inbox, right? To save yourself from customers unsubscribing due to too many emails, give them the choice. Let them decide if they want updates daily, weekly, or monthly. A smaller number of spaced out and timely emails goes a lot further than a larger number of daily emails, which risks pushing away your customer. You can also ask them for their preferences, which would ensure they don’t receive any content they aren’t interested in. 

There you have it. By keeping the sign up process clear, organized, and completely voluntary and transparent, you’ll be sure to boost your mailing list and see a rise in customer engagement. With Eye-In Media’s newsletter module, which is part of our Eye-Intelligence platform, you can seamlessly incorporate these five tips (and many more) into your newsletter process.

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