Are you questioning the post-pandemic vitality of your shopping mall?
Posted in Business tips, Technology on Jun 26, 2020

Do you have what it takes to come out of this crisis stronger than ever? Are you ready to reinvent your mall take bold steps? If yes, this guide will give you out of the box solutions to remodel your initiatives with your tenants, your shoppers and your industry. The status quo is riskier than trying something new. It is time to reinvent the retail industry!

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Retailers are you ready to be detectives?
Posted in Business tips, Technology on Jun 10, 2020

Contact tracing, identifying new cases and mitigating their contacts with others is the key to successful reopening. A failure to set up effective contact tracing raises the risk of spikes and therefore of closures of businesses for a second time.

Between 95% to 99% of COVID-19 infections are indoors. Businesses across all industries can be called by Heath officials to inform them of possible exposure on a specific day and even time frame.

If you get that phone call, will you be able to contact the concerned customers or you will have to do a public announcement to everyone ?

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Introducing Reserve and Shop
Posted in Business tips, Pinned, Technology on Jun 01, 2020

In order to help our customers prepare for the reopening of their businesses, we have reflected on the challenges to this “New Normal”

By putting ourselves in the shoes of consumers, merchants and employees.

By analyzing the measures in place in the other countries that are starting to reopen across the globe.

Determining what needs to be implemented before the partial and complete reopening of retailers and shopping malls.

There are reasonable and implementable solutions to resume our activities while remaining vigilant and responsible for the well-being of our communities.

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Discover Cake Portal
Posted in Business tips, Technology, WiFi CRM on Apr 15, 2020


Turn your WiFi into a Powerful Marketing Tool!

Access a Wealth of Rich WiFi Analytics to Help You Build Detailed Customer Profiles. All you need to start is a wifi connection and CakePortal platform.

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Customers are now Shopping for the Best In-Store Experience
Posted in Business tips on Jul 20, 2018

To remain competitive in this new retail dynamic, stores have to go beyond simply selling products and need to offer a service that their clientele truly wants. Traditional brick and mortar stores need to reinvent their on-site experiences. With Eye-In Media’s omnichannel marketing solution, create personalized experiences for every single user that connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Smarter Than You Think
Posted in Business tips, Digital Signage on Jul 13, 2018

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for the movies anymore. It can be used to create an individualized brick-and-mortar shopping experience that cannot be matched by Amazon’s recommendation algorithms. Imagine AI that can change digital store displays when you walk by them based on your personal preferences.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Spend Everything On Your Website
Posted in Business tips, Social Media on Jul 06, 2018

As a consumer, do you ever really visit the website of a shopping mall, grocery store, pharmacy, or hospital, unless you happen to be looking for one specifically crucial piece of information, like a map? Not really. An expensive website will not drive people to your mall. If there is no e-commerce involved and no traffic goes to these websites, why is so much of your digital marketing strategy budget being spent on them?

Eye-In Media: Making the Online Ads Personal
Posted in Business tips, WiFi CRM on Jul 04, 2018

Online ads have become so prevalent in our experiences that we either don’t notice them anymore, or disregard them completely. We’re looking to bring together the onsite and online worlds. We’re saying that the same techniques we employ onsite can be used online in order to make online shopping better.

Online Ads - They Don’t Really Get Us, Do They?
Posted in Business tips on Jun 28, 2018

Without any segmentation or analysis of someone’s data, there’s a lack of synergy between the characteristics of the person you’re trying to advertise to and the online ads in question. If marketers had a way to ethically collect more information from us, they’d be able to sell us the products we’re actually interested in. This is one of Eye-In Media’s primary goals.

Are Gift Cards Falling Behind?
Posted in Business tips on Jun 20, 2018

While gift cards are a smart marketing strategy that gets customers in the door and encourage higher spending, they don’t really shine when it comes to learning about who the customers are. There isn’t a perfect way to track where/when/if a gift card was used.