Why the in-Store Experience isn't Going Anywhere
Posted in Business tips on Jun 01, 2018

Shopping online removes the excitement of whatever newness you’re about to experience. Sure, you can do it from your bed, but is it really fun every time? E-commerce does not provide the endorphin rush one gets from an in store experience, finding the perfect product by pure chance and leaving with it.

At what Level of Digital Signage are you?
Posted in Digital Signage on May 31, 2018

Did you ever wonder what would digital signage do for your business? Well, it depends on how you are going to use this technology! Here are three levels of digital signage users and why you want to be on the third level, the level where screens are used as a strategic interactive marketing tool.

GDPR requirements: Your Canadian Company is not Exempt!
Posted in Business tips on May 30, 2018

European Union, that’s pretty far from Canada, so you should not be affected by this new law, right? Wrong! Any company susceptible of collecting data from an EU resident/citizen has to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Looking To Provide An Interactive Customer Experience? Giant Screens Are Not The Answer
Posted in Digital Signage on May 27, 2018

Why is it that companies are automatically drawn to using large screens when it comes to providing an “interactive customer experience”? Where’s the novelty in that? Customers want to be able to engage with the signs they see, and large screens don’t necessarily encourage that. Most of the time, the easiest way for customers to engage with companies is to start small, with the screen we know all too well.

Perhaps the Greatest Marketing Scheme of All: Your Birthday (Or Is It?)
Posted in Social Media on May 25, 2018

The biggest problem marketers have is finding a way to reach their entire audience. What could possibly unite every consumer who walks by a billboard, or scrolls through social media? Well, everyone has a birthday. However, there’s an inevitable fault that presents itself once you take a closer look. Successful web-based ads are usually only successful because they target people who are already your customers.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Ecommerce Email Marketing
Posted in WiFi CRM on May 25, 2018

We’ve all signed up to email newsletters from our favourite stores. However, not everyone gets it right. Oftentimes, tiny details are enough for a customer to give up on joining an email marketing campaign.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Blog
Posted in Business tips on May 25, 2018

Having a blog isn’t just “the cool thing to do” -- it’s also a way for your company to develop a voice and a readership. Millennials love reading blogs, but that’s not the whole point. What they love even more are companies that they can truly identify with. They want to relate to the brands they buy from, and reading great articles that go up a few times a week is the perfect way to do that. Your blog is where you can be fun. It doesn’t have to be written in the same voice you use in business meetings. Your blog is where you become likeable and familiar.

Free WiFi for Customers: More Than an Internet Connection
Posted in WiFi CRM on May 25, 2018

Beyond being a convenience, free WiFi for customers functions as a platform where data can be gathered and leveraged. A Wi-Fi infrastructure lets us know just enough to be able to make claims about usage patterns and trends, which is valuable information for the businesses. But the data does more than that!

Eye-In integration with Cisco CMX and Meraki
Posted in WiFi CRM on Mar 07, 2018

In February 2017, Eye-In Media in partnership with Bell and Cisco demonstrated our Universal Marketing Experience (UMX) platform on Cisco’s WiFi infrastructure installed at Bell’s Montreal based Solution Centre. UMX is a unified platform that includes the integration of Eye-Intelligence omnichannel CRM solution with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX), platform leveraging its location-based services.

There’s a magical new “push” button at Eye-In Media
Posted in WiFi CRM on Jul 03, 2017

Thanks to our flawless integration with Meraki, a cloud-managed IT company that was acquired by Cisco in 2012, we can now deliver a new way for your Wi-Fi infrastructure to communicate with all of your departments more precisely, rapidly, and smoothly than ever before.