Smart Cities: Wi-Fi Can Do No Wrong
Posted in WiFi CRM on Jul 11, 2018

The smart city is cost-efficient. Not only does it solve problems, but it can also improve security and is the best way to communicate with your citizens. Our technology at Eye-In Media can likewise be deployed toward the creation of a smart city. Our omnichannel solution is meant to gather data in a seamless fashion, and it can be set up anywhere.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Don’t Spend Everything On Your Website
Posted in Business tips, Social Media on Jul 06, 2018

As a consumer, do you ever really visit the website of a shopping mall, grocery store, pharmacy, or hospital, unless you happen to be looking for one specifically crucial piece of information, like a map? Not really. An expensive website will not drive people to your mall. If there is no e-commerce involved and no traffic goes to these websites, why is so much of your digital marketing strategy budget being spent on them?

Eye-In Media: Making the Online Ads Personal
Posted in Business tips, WiFi CRM on Jul 04, 2018

Online ads have become so prevalent in our experiences that we either don’t notice them anymore, or disregard them completely. We’re looking to bring together the onsite and online worlds. We’re saying that the same techniques we employ onsite can be used online in order to make online shopping better.

Online Ads - They Don’t Really Get Us, Do They?
Posted in Business tips on Jun 28, 2018

Without any segmentation or analysis of someone’s data, there’s a lack of synergy between the characteristics of the person you’re trying to advertise to and the online ads in question. If marketers had a way to ethically collect more information from us, they’d be able to sell us the products we’re actually interested in. This is one of Eye-In Media’s primary goals.

Struggling to Choose Between a Heat Map and the Customer Journey? Let Us Help
Posted in WiFi CRM on Jun 26, 2018

It can be overwhelming to choose marketing strategies, let alone know which version of proximity technology is best for your business. That’s what we’re here for. So what’s the difference between looking at a heat map and at a customer journey? For starters, heat maps are associated with the end result. The customer journey consists of one person’s point of view.

Are Gift Cards Falling Behind?
Posted in Business tips on Jun 20, 2018

While gift cards are a smart marketing strategy that gets customers in the door and encourage higher spending, they don’t really shine when it comes to learning about who the customers are. There isn’t a perfect way to track where/when/if a gift card was used.

GDPR and WiFi: Is It the end of the Free Guest Connection?
Posted in WiFi CRM on Jun 15, 2018

At Eye-in Media, we believe WiFi represents a good investment because it greatly improves the customer’s experience and can play a role in their loyalty to your brand. However, in order to be able to defray the costs of providing free wifi to their visitors, some companies may sell the data collected to marketing companies. The GDPR law now puts an end to this practice

Is the Future of Retail A Lonely One? (We Hope Not)
Posted in Business tips on Jun 12, 2018

When you walk by a restaurant and can’t help but notice that the lineup for a table curls around the outside of the building, you know the food has to be out of this world. You opt to reserve a table as soon as possible, knowing there’ll be tons of others wishing they had your seat. There’s an unspoken togetherness that comes along with the act of consumption. Whether it’s in a restaurant or on a shopping trip, it’s common for us to find comfort in consuming as a collective.

Screens and Social Media Posts: Ardene Gets It Right
Posted in Social Media on Jun 11, 2018

Stores aren’t typically the first place your think of when planning where to socialize, but retail company Ardene is changing that. According to strategy, the retailer recently opened a new location in Carrefour du Nord, a mall in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, that “embraces the gen Z lifestyle.” With plans to upgrade their in-store experience, Ardene is dedicating areas of their stores to “hanging out” -- spaces are set up to charge phones and take photos for social media posts.

Hospital WiFi: An Opportunity for 1-to-1 Communications
Posted in WiFi CRM on Jun 01, 2018

In a hospital, Wi-Fi is more than just a free commodity. Hospitals can use landing pages to promote their own online content, which is expensive to maintain but hardly looked at. Why not be user-friendly? Why miss out on such a perfect opportunity to communicate?