Authenticate Wi-Fi Users

Choose Between Free, Paid Models, or Both

Equip Your Drivers with Tablets

Enable Your Drivers to Fill Out Forms Online (Delays/Schedules)

Connect Your Bus Devices

Connect Your Onboard Ticket Scanners, GPS and Geo-Mapping Devices

Today, Wi-Fi is a necessity and many passengers are expecting it. For just a small fee per passenger ride, you will enhance your customers' tour bus experience.

Now, the question is:

"Do you simply want to offer Wi-Fi to your passengers as a commodity, or implement a strategic model that allows you to offer either free or paid Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as branding, advertising capabilities, and the possibility of communicating with and soliciting feedback from passengers?"

We are offering you a turnkey solution including hardware, Internet connection, installation, technical support and marketing strategy with ROI.

We stay current to ensure that your marketing and technical levels are on the cutting edge of technology.

Eye-In and the Wi-Fi

Eye-In Media’s onboard Wi-Fi solution offers both the technical and marketing requirements for successful implementation.

For over 11 years, we have installed, managed, maintained and leveraged Wi-Fi networks for a variety of industries including those in transportation, arenas, shopping centers, libraries and many other private and public building.
In fact, we have managed tens of millions of Wi-Fi connections.

"Thank you Eye-In Media for 8 years of oustanding service.
Your dynamic and competent team remarkably understands how to concretize your customers’ requirements."

Sébastien BOUDRIAS

Information and Telecommunications Director, Transdev Canada

With our Wi-Fi solution and our specialization in Wi-Fi networks and marketing, not only we meet the needs of your passengers, but we also enable your company to have the flexibility to:

  • Use the same Wi-Fi connection for your onboard ticket scanners, as well as GPS and geo-mapping devices
  • Provide drivers with tablets, which enable them to fill out forms online in real-time (delays/schedules).
  • Authenticate Wi-Fi users (free or paid models)
  • Manage and customize captive Wi-Fi login and welcome pages (for branding/advertising purposes)
  • View online reports of usage and trends
  • Implement Content Filtering (i.e: against adult content)
  • Monitor the network remotely
  • If you are managing buses for a city or a third party, you can now offer them new ways to communicate with your passengers directly
  • Engage with your passengers through contests, your Facebook page or surveys before they can even log on to your Wi-Fi.

They chose us